Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bangladeshi Professionals expert on everything

Couple of years before I wrote an article, probably in Bangla IT, about BUET(ians!) close minded psychology and unnecessary arrogant behavior like “best in the world…”. Like some real educated people, I also raised the issue of Dr. JRC’s wired expert idea on ICT and to some extent n his own field – structural engineering.

I never supported this mentality while I was an undergrad student in BUET. I am still proud of some the sincere person working in BUET. Unfortunately, at the same time I feel ashamed BUETians mentality of expert on everything. Higher study gave us the chance to compare these so-called “legendary person” to actual legendary like renowned structural Engineer FR Khan. If you look at closely their contribution to human civilization, I can not find any original concept developed by JRC. With all respect his teaching efficiency, I never saw his real/original contribution to structural engineering.

No wonder why FR Khan is almost an unknown name in BUET. And no wonder why, even JRC is considered legendary person in Bangladesh, were (he/BUET engineers) not included in Jumuna Bridge Design team. Foreign donors and their engineering companies are extremely reluctant to depend on local engineers because of their lack of detail knowledge in certain field. This is my embarrassing observation while working on Japanese and Canadian companies. Although this is not acceptable to us to some extent, but they have a strong point – “Bangladeshi local engineers is expert on everything”. Engineering projects like JB require high level of professional expertise (a combination of technical and management expertise), a combination is very very rare among Bangladeshi engineers. Is there any doubt JRC/or other local engineers is not able to follow up on JMB crack?

Once again, I have to face BUETians personal attack on me to reveal the truth. However, as an ex-BUETian I am used to it!

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