Sunday, February 18, 2007

Development of Dr. FR Khan Scholarship Project

As an engineer, I have a great passion for Dr. Khan work. Last year, I visited Chicago to explore his work. I walked through the whole Chicago downtown to show my wife (who was working at Fermilab, Neparville during that period) why I am so proud of Dr. Khan.

However, it was always painful to watch very little knowledge about him among our community or even in BUET environment. During my undergrad, I never heard any comment that can represent his incredible work at the heart of USA. Besides, almost everywhere he was mentioned as a “Pakistan born engineer”.

Therefore, I tried to develop some graphical presentation of this great personality. My dream is to establish and spread his name and work among Bangladeshi through an award or scholarship. I will start funding from this year. Still, don’t know how I can proceed. In addition, I have applied to include his name to ASCE in distinguished engineer list.

Here is some links from my website

T-Shirt for FR Khan:

Poster for FR Khan:

My Bangladesh page devoted to great Bangladeshi:

I am very little person to accomplish this big work. I am looking for BAC help to spread my work among Bangladeshi or Non-BD community. This t-shirt design is free for anybody who loves him. If you have any other idea, please suggest me.


Transportation Analyst, BA Group,

EIT, Traffic Operations Practitioner Specialist (TOPS)
211-410 Queens Quay West, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 3T1 Canada

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